Big Brother winner Chloe Wilburn glad to be back to her 9-5 job in Doncaster

Chloe Wilburn, aged 25, is in the final of Big Brother 2015
Chloe Wilburn, aged 25, is in the final of Big Brother 2015

Big Brother winner Chloe Wilburn proved she is keeping her feet firmly on the ground – and has already returned to her 9 to 5 job.

Chloe – who scooped £116,100 after winning the nation’s hearts – is staying true to her Doncaster roots and is back working for Bentley-based construction company Cementation Skanska.

The bubbly Benidorm-loving lady who shone on the reality TV show says she has no interest in the fame game.

She said: “When I went in there I was so surprised at how many people had agents and were planning what they were going to do as a career on the back of Big Brother.

“I would see being on the show as more of a hindrance to a career then a leg up so I think a lot of them are in for a short, sharp shock.”

The 25-year-old said of her decision to return to her job as an administrator: “When I went in there I had no intention of chasing fame or trying to be a Z-lister when I came out.”

“I saw it more of a gap year type opportunity or a girly holiday, just a few weeks away from work doing something completely different.

“I always fully intended to go back to work. Being in that house you have no real routine. I was craving getting back home to get back to my routine and a big part of that was work, just hearing my alarm clock go off in a morning for work.

“I love my job and I’ve got really good friends there so I wanted to get back to work as soon as I could.

“They’ve been so amazing letting me have the time off and they were happy for me to take a bit longer but I wanted to go back.”

Chloe, who has seen her Twitter following grow from 100 to 54,800 since her victory, says she has been overwhelmed by the support especially from residents in Doncaster,

She said: “If I could go round and kiss everyone who voted for me I would. I can’t thank people enough.

“Everyone in Doncaster has been so supportive,

“I’m such a chatterbox that people see me in the street and come up to me and I end up giving them my phone number and arranging to meet up with them round town and asking them loads of questions instead of the other way round. I’m not very good at it.

“When people say I’ve done Doncaster proud it’s a great feeling. I think some people heard I was on the show and worried I’d make a show of Doncaster so to get praise from people saying I’ve put it on the map for the right reasons makes me want to burst into tears.”