Baby giraffe arrives at Yorkshire Wildife Park

Baby Jengo, a new arrival at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
Baby Jengo, a new arrival at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

There’s a big new arrival at Doncaster’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

For the visitor attraction’s rush of summer arrivals continued this weekend - with a new giraffe.

Youngster Jengo, who is just 19 months old, is now the baby of the firaffes living in YWP’s £350,000 state –of- the-art enclosure.

He was born at Whipsnade Zoo and moved to YWP by a specialist transporter on Saturday.

Director Cheryl Williams said: “We are delighted to welcome Jengo.

“He is already settling well and getting to know the rest of his new friends. He looks so small next to the others now but will soon catch up with the rest!

“Their enclosure is so big there is still plenty of room.

“We hope in time that we will be able to set up a breeding group, but for now it is wonderful to see our new arrival settling in.”

Jengo, a Reticulated Giraffe, joins 4 year-olds Palle and Jambo, an endangered Rothschild, Behansin, 9, and older statesman Jasper, 14.

Visitors can go inside their house, where they view the giraffes just 1m away as well as eye to eye viewing from a neighbouring 8m high platform. In good weather the giraffes roam in the 16 acres African Plain.

It is an extremely busy start to the Summer for YWP.

The award-winning attraction has already welcomed Freya, a rare Amur Leopard, a baby Eland antelope and a Marmoset. Meanwhile baby Lemur twins have just made their first public appearance.

“The public are in for a treat with all the new arrivals,” said YWP Director Cheryl Williams. “They are significant additions in our continuing campaign to protect rare and endangered species and they are also magnificent animals to observe.”

Freya is the park’s first female and a landmark in the global battle to save the most endangered big cat species on the planet. Less than 45 remain in the wild and 220 in captivity, and the 70-acre park’s efforts are critical part of the European Breeding programme.

The two-year-old Amur arrived safely from Tallin Zoo, in Estonia, and experts hope she will pair up with Drake and that they will breed in the future.

Her new home will be the spectacular 6,000 square metres Leopard Heights enclosure where visitors can get unrivalled views from an 8 metre high platform and a10 metre long glass wall at the park, near Doncaster.

Director Cheryl Williams added:” At present, we are allowing Freya to settle in in private out of the view of the public. It is likely to be some time before she out in the enclosure - then once she feels at home when the time is right she will be introduced to Drake.”

YWP staff and visitors have also been thrilled by the birth of a male Eland calf who is being reared by his mum, Gunvor, and is thriving.

“We are absolutely delighted at the birth,” added Cheryl Williams. “The calf is significant - his mum was the first new line to come to the UK in many years and this establishes new blood.”

Meanwhile, a Marmoset baby was born in the first week of June - the first birth in the group for two years. There are now 12 Marmosets, the world’s second smallest primate, at YWP .

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating its 5th birthday this Summer, which will see the return of the hugely popular Safari Nights.

Thousands of guests each Safari Night are expected to jump at the chance to see YWP’s unique collection of some of the most beautiful and at risk animals in the world after hours.

At the same time, they will enjoy the Doncaster concert band, a BBQ, hog roast and a spectacular bangless firework finale.

Full information on the Safari Nights on July 26 and 31 as well as August 7, 14, 21 and 30 will be available at

Meanwhile, TV wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan will be at YWP for Animal Action day on July 26 for a special programme of events during which endangered species will be showcased.

There will also be special ranger talks with proceeds going to a range of charities protecting endangered animals including YWP own foundation.

The Summer of fun marks the park’s amazing growth in just five years into the UK’s fastest growing walk through attraction and a major force in the protection of endangered species from around the world.

The park, offers an unrivalled opportunity to come face to face with Amur Leopards, Tigers, Painted Hunting Dogs, Lions, Giraffes, Meerkats, Wallabies, Camels, Giant Anteaters, Zebra and many many more.