Anger at plans to bring in charges at Doncaster interchange toilets

|A bus leaving Doncaster interchange
|A bus leaving Doncaster interchange

Plans have been drawn up to make people pay to use the toilets at Doncaster bus interchange.

Under the plans, proposed by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, coin-operated turnstiles will be installed at the public toilets at the interchange, with a charge of 20p for each use of the facilities.

However, angry bus passengers are calling on transport bosses to reconsider the plans.

A SYPTE spokesman said: “SYPTE will be introducing coin-operated turnstiles at the toilets at Frenchgate Interchange.

“The turnstiles will cost 20p to enter. There will be no charge for the use of the accessible toilets.”

“These charges will help maintain the high level of cleaning and maintenance standards expected at Frenchgate Interchange facilities.

“The introduction of the turnstiles will also help to prevent incidents of vandalism, graffiti and damage.

“Turnstiles at Sheffield and Barnsley Interchanges have been in operation since 2012, and at Rotherham Interchange since 2011.”

No date has been announced for the introduction of the turnstiles.

A number of bus passengers have called on SYPTE to rethink the proposals with some labelling the plans as ‘disgraceful’.

Commenting on Facebook, Jayne Robinson said: “Crazy idea. I never ever carry cash, so wouldn’t even have 20p for the toilet. Plus, as most parents know, when your child needs to go, they need to go.”

Bus driver Steve McCarthy, said: “I’m a driver for First and we will all have to pay to use them too. It’s a disgrace to pay for the privilege.”

Wayne Clarke said: “I’m sorry but it shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. I pay my council tax and tax on everything I buy near enough, so why should they charge us? They charge enough for transport fees as it is and also people are struggling with money – that’s why people catch public transport, because most people can’t afford cars.”

Layla Barclay said: “I was talking to one of the cleaners who told me it’s because a small minority of women put toilet roll down the loo and block them and it’s costing them a fortune. I understand they need to save money but I think for the ones who don’t damage the loos it’s not fair.”

Toilets in the Frenchgate Shopping Centre are unaffected.

Laurie Barton-Wright, centre manager, said: “Our public toilets at the shopping centre remain unaffected by any of the changes at the interchange.”