7 things in Donny that annoy you every day

Not pictured - gangs of sixth formers puzzling over a six inch or footlong and what kind of sauce they want.
Not pictured - gangs of sixth formers puzzling over a six inch or footlong and what kind of sauce they want.

There's plenty of things to get your blood boiling - and chances are you'll be just as fed up as we are with these things we see in Doncaster on a daily basis. See how many you recognise!

1. The Cantley Crawl

Rush hour along Bawtry Road means just one thing - and that's inching your way agonisingly slowly to and from town in an endless, snaking queue of traffic. The same also applies to Balby Road an York Road. Grrrr!

2. Dozy drivers who block the Chequer Road roundabout

Heading down Chequer Road from Wood Street? Guaranteed that a handful of mad motorists will have driven onto the roundabout - blocking it for everyone and bringing the road to a standstill.

3. Spending your life waiting at Arksey Crossing

This rail crossing seems to see more train traffic than Clapham Junction and London Waterloo combined. People who start queuing as babies emerge on the other side as fully grown adults.

4. Gangs of teenagers in sandwich shops

Your lunch hour is precious. Time is of the essence. You have to spend it queueing behind 200 gangly youths in Greggs or Subway pondering over their choices and whether to have mayo or not.

5. Charity chuggers on St Sepulchre Gate

Cut it out with your amusing small talk rubbish - no, I'm not cold and heartless, I just don't want to contribute to your charity. If I do, I'll do it from the comfort of my own home thanks.

6. Sign's with bad grammar and apostrophe's

Fish and chip's? Sandwich's sold here? There's plenty of notices around Doncaster town centre to drive the grammar Nazis nuts. Stop it!

7. Shouty people

Why do people have to bellow at each other up and down High Street? More often than that, you'll encounter a brawling couple screaming insults and heading in different directions. Sort your problems out at home!

Are there any other bugbears about daily Doncaster life that grind your gears on a daily basis? Let us know