12 great things that make you a Doncaster child of the 1960s

Michael Caine in Zulu.
Michael Caine in Zulu.

If you grew up in Doncaster in the 60s, here’s 12 things that you’ll have done as a child.

How many can you remember doing?

1. Visiting Cuttriss model shop in Duke Street and buying a new Airfix kit

2. Collecting wood for the fire on Bonfire Night

3. Train spotting at the end of Platform 1

4. A fish and chip treat at Newtons in Spring Gardens

5. A Leon motor coach trip on a summer Sunday

6. Or a club/works trip to the seaside in summer

7. Messing about on the last day of term before the long summer holiday

8. Going to the scoff shop to buy four chews for an old penny

9. Playing Cowboys and Indians orbuilding a den in the woods with kids from another street

10. Going to see a good war film like Zulu or a western with your dad

11. Getting your first two-wheeler bike and going to school on it

12. Trying on your first pair of long trousers to go to big school

* What are your memories of Doncaster in the 60s? Let us know!