Paul won’t give up despite callous theft

A LANDLORD who had his pub ransacked after hosting events for Help for Heroes will not be deterred.

Ex-steelworker Paul Stobbart of the Monkwood, Rawmarsh, raised £752 for the forces’ charity with a fundraiser weekend. He then continued his good work selling items from behind the bar.

But the £30 in his charity jar, plus over £700 in float cash, pool funds and other, was stolen after callous thieves broke in through a tiny upstairs window.

“I was gutted”, said Paul, who remembers the Monkwood as a thriving pub, and is working hard to restore it in the community.

“This was mostly my personal money and I couldn’t claim on the insurance because the excess is too high.

“It’s sickening - they’re taking from their own! I’m just an ordinary bloke trying to do some good and make a living”.

But Paul remains positive. He said the pub is picking up, rooms are being used for charity and social functions, and he has plenty of new ideas for 2012.

Paul is currently setting up a pub social club, with intentions to raise cash and use it to treat local kids to seaside trips, along with other activities for adults.

Currently the pub is running a raffle in a bid to help feed homeless people in the Rawmarsh and Rotherham areas to a Christmas dinner.

“I’m a member of Pubwatch and I won’t be leaving any more cash on the premises,” added Paul. “The Help for Heroes weekend was partly because Rawmarsh lost one of its own soldiers, James Leverett in Afghanistan.

“How can people sink so low?”