Party blasts mayor’s quit move

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NEWS: News.

THE English Democrats have hit back at a decision by Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies to quit the party.

Earlier this week Mr Davies announced his decision to leave over fears it was being ‘hijacked’ by extreme right-wing parties such as the BNP and English Defence League.

Now the party’s chairman Robin Tilbrook has hit back in a stinging attack and said: “It’s always been something of a rollercoaster ride with Peter.

“Since he was elected, Peter has regularly threatened to resign.

“It therefore comes as little surprise that he has eventually found something to actually resign over.

“As Peter has made very little effort to help us build, his absence from our ranks is unlikely to be much missed.

“Peter has never been willing to take his politics seriously. ”

He said the party would be sending a candidate to stand against Mr Davies in the forthcoming mayoral election.