Parents sue NHS over birth defect

Doncaster Royal Infirmary
Doncaster Royal Infirmary

THE family of a boy left unable to walk or talk after a mistake during birth have launched a legal bid against Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Darryl Munashe Kupahurasa, who is known as Munashe, suffers from cerebral palsy after staff at the hospital incorrectly gave his mother a drip containing an artificial hormone used to induce labour.

The five-year-old from Rossington, needs round the clock care because of his condition, so his parents Portia, 32, and Devon, 36, are seeking financial support from the hospital trust to provide their son with the support he needs after it admitted liability for his injuries at a meeting on Tuesday.

Mrs Kupahurasa said: “We are absolutely devastated by what happened, and incredibly angry and frustrated with the fact that this could have been avoided.

“We just could not understand how something like this could happen. When you’re in a situation as vulnerable as that, you have to know that the staff around you know exactly what they are doing.

“Like any parents we hope for our son to have a happy, healthy and successful life, but due to mistakes at the hospital he will never even be able to live independently.

“We will struggle to trust any medical staff again, but we hope the systems are improved so that, in future, nobody suffers like Munashe has.”

The drug was in the room as a precaution, and it caused Mrs Kupahurasa’s contractions to become too strong, which cut the oxygen to the baby, causing a brain injury.

Hilary Bond, director of nursing and quality at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We apologised unreservedly to Munashe and his family and reiterate that.

“There have been substantial changes in practice since this incident occurred in 2007 and we can confirm to Munashe’s family that we have put in place all the lessons learned.

“We wish Munashe and his family well for the future.”