Outraged Doncaster residents demand improved refuse services

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Traffic chaos and waste mix-ups over the festive period have led outraged Doncaster residents to demand an improvement to refuse services.

Angry residents are calling on Doncaster Council to improve festive refuse services after they encountered problems over the Christmas break.

Motorists travelling through Armthorpe were severely disrupted last week as people queuing to use the Armthorpe recycling centre led to long tailbacks and diversions being put in place for three consecutive days.

Following this, several residents are now calling on the council to increase the number of bin collections over the festive period and to ensure more of the borough’s recycling centres are kept open over Christmas.

Doncaster woman Julie Smith has claimed the high volume of people using the Armthorpe recycling centre led to council workers throwing recyclable materials such as glass in with everyday rubbish.

The 47-year-old told The Star: “Armthorpe was busy and with the two boxes of bottles I had for recycling I noticed the bottle banks were full, with builders’ sacks overflowing beside it and also taped off with a notice.

“While reading said notice an employee asked what I had – very helpful, I thought of the employee – until he tipped the two boxes of bottles in the ‘waste not suitable for recycling’ container. Well his reply to my shocked face was, ‘We haven’t got time, you can see what we are dealing with.’

“Shame on Doncaster Council – how much more waste will end up the same way? I thought I was helping by not leaving it out for our weekly collection.

“Is that what will happen with the recycling van this week – just tip it all in landfill as they are not able to cope with all the Christmas recycling?”

Andy Rutherford, head of service, streetscene and highways operations at Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council said that there are more than 150 ‘bring banks’ that residents can use to recycle at 22 sites across the town and thanks residents for their patience at this ‘busy time’.

He said: “This is always a busy time of year for our household waste recycling centres.

“I would like to thank residents for taking the time to recycle for Doncaster and their patience during peak times for traffic.

“Armthorpe household waste recycling centre is open from 8.30am to 7pm daily and visitors may find that it is quieter either earlier or later in the day.

“In addition to our recycling centres, there are 170 ‘bring banks’ at 22 supermarkets, car parks and other locations around the borough to assist residents in recycling.

“For more information go to www.doncaster.gov.uk/recycling website.”

A representative from Doncaster Council was unavailable for comment over claims workers at the Armthorpe recycling centre have been disposing of recyclable materials with everyday waste.