VIDEO: Giant ‘dinosaur’ egg shock for Doncaster pub landlady

It may not be eggs-actly what she was expecting as a tasty treat this Easter – but this giant egg should help to feed regulars at Julie Buckley’s Doncaster pub.

Julie, landlady of Cask Corner on Silver Street in Doncaster town centre, was expecting a traditional chocolate egg from her boyfriend Simon Saynor this year.

Landlady of Cask Corner, Silver Street, Doncaster,  Julie Buckley, with her Ostrich egg

Landlady of Cask Corner, Silver Street, Doncaster, Julie Buckley, with her Ostrich egg

But she was stunned when, instead, a deliveryman turned up on her doorstep with what she initially thought was a giant dinosaur egg.

The seven inch curiosity - actually an ostrich egg - is every bit as big as the usual chocolate variety, but instead of turning up in silver foil it arrived in a giant polystyrene package, filled with egg cartons to make sure it did not break.

She had no idea it was even possible to buy an ostrich egg and said she initially thought it from something like a Stegosaurus.

Julie said: “It arrived through the post and was marked fragile.

“Neither Simon nor I drive, so we had been joking recently about what it would be like to just ride ostriches instead of getting the bus. I think that may be what led to this.”

Now Julie is making plans to use the egg to help feed the drinkers at her pub.

Her plan at the moment is to use it to make a huge pile of angel cakes, although Simon suggested they shared a giant omelette with it.

She said: “This is definitely the most bizarre present I’ve had.

“I think with it being so big it would be great for making angel cakes.

“On Mondays we have a Monday club, where we bring in food of some sort.

“I’ve not done it for a while because I’ve been busy, but I think I will use this for Monday cakes and maybe an egg custard. I’ve never heard of an ostrich cake before!”

But before she gets her cakes made, Julie reckons she will have a tough time getting into her egg.

She has been told ostrich eggs are difficult to crack, and that it will take more than just a bashing on the side of the bowl.

She said: “I’ve been told I will need a 10cm drill bit to get into it! Luckily, I’ve got a lot of drills because I’m into DIY.”