OAP stung for £450 by card skimming crooks

Roy Dickinson, of Scawthorpe, was the victim of card cloning which saw him lose �450 from his account. Picture: Marie Caley D2963MC
Roy Dickinson, of Scawthorpe, was the victim of card cloning which saw him lose �450 from his account. Picture: Marie Caley D2963MC

A DONCASTER pensioner claims he was the victim of a bank card ‘cloning’ scam after having hundreds of pounds lifted from his account.

Roy Dickinson said he was horrified when he discovered culprits had spent his much-needed pension money on petrol and goods in Bolton, after getting his details from a cash machine outside Scawthorpe Post Office that had been tampered with by crooks.

The 70-year-old was stung for £450 after using the hole-in-the-wall in Amersall Road and was forced to cancel his bank card with Lloyds Bank with the bank reimbursing the money.

However, the retired plasterer fears that despite getting his money back the ‘skimming’ scammers could strike again.

“I do worry because they have my details even though I’ve cancelled my card,” said Mr Dickinson who lives with his 71-year-old wife Barbara-Ann in Homefield Crescent, Scawthorpe.

“My grandson Mark Dickinson told me that Scawthorpe’s Post Office might have been got at and told me to be careful, you just never think it will happen to you.

“I’ve had to sort out my private and state pension because they were affected and I’ve cancelled everything which has been a pain and quite stressful. It’s a joke really.

“You have no idea at the time because everything looks normal on the machine. I’ve been told they stole my card details on September 21 and didn’t use them until a week or so later.

“I’ve heard a lot of people have been done in the village, somebody told me a lady had £9,000 taken out of her account.

“I don’t use that machine any more, I go into the post office or bank to get my money but I do worry what the scammers will do with my details.”

Mr Dickinson is not the only one who has had money drained out of his account after using the same ATM.

Pensioners Christine and Dennis Ward had more than £1,000 taken, and similar to Mr Dickinson’s experience, the crooks spent the cash in Lancashire.

Mrs Ward, 66, who was saving the money for winter fuel bills with her 68-year-old husband, said: “I normally have a glance at my internet banking on a daily basis but had been ill in bed for three days.

“My husband had drawn our pension from the Amersall Road post office ATM on September 29.

“On October 6 I was devastated to see a total of £412 had been spent on our card in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and a designer clothes shop, all in Bolton.”

She said her husband’s card was then used on several other occasions.

Mrs Ward has called for more cash machines to be put inside shops and for retailers to only accept chip and pin services and not a customer signature to pay for goods.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed officers were investigating reports on card cloning at the machine.

She advised people to be vigilant and check for irregularities such as loose wires or odd looking equipment. Suspicious activities near ATMs should also be reported.

Staff at Scawthorpe Post Office confirmed the external cash machine had been targeted and the Post office was investigating.

Doncaster police are also liaising with colleagues in Bolton about the use of duplicated cards.