North Lincolnshire Council introduces all-day free parking on Sundays

Liz Redfern
Liz Redfern

North Lincolnshire Council is set to introduce free car parking all day on Sundays in Scunthorpe, Brigg and Ashby from Sunday November 1 – extending its free parking initiatives.

This follows on from the successful two hours free parking during the week and free parking all day on Saturdays. As well as free parking in the Parishes car park in Scunthorpe after 2pm.

The new initiative aims to get even more people into town centres and encourage more businesses to open on Sundays.

Councillor Liz Redfern (pictured), NLC leader said: “It is clear to see that the existing free parking initiatives have made a huge difference to the town centres across North Lincolnshire. You only have to go into Scunthorpe, Brigg and Ashby on a Saturday to see that they are bustling with shoppers. We hope that bringing in free parking on a Sunday will be a great addition to this and encourage people to venture out into our town centres on Sundays.

“We are one of the only council’s in the country to provide free car parking and I am delighted that we are able to extend this even further. This shows our commitment to improving the economy of North Lincolnshire and making our town centre’s thriving places that people want to visit.”

Two-hour free parking was introduced in May 2014 and all day free parking on Saturdays was introduced in June 2014.