New Infiniti comes very well equipped


THE latest Japanese luxury car maker to come to the UK, Infiniti, admit that they face some tough competition from the three German premium car makers Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz but go on to say they are offering better equipped cars than their rivals writes Bryan Longworth.

They are also offering something different in this sector which will appeal to those owners looking for this factor and their cars are already attracting the attention of wealthy Premiership footballers for this very reason.

My test car was the Infiniti G37 Saloon S Premium whch has four wheel steer as standard and linked with the rear wheel drive this provided one of the best steering systems I have encountered and helped to propel the car round corners as if on rails.

Four wheel active steer helps improve handling by varying the front steering ratio and adjusting the geometry of the rear suspension according to steering input and vehicle speed.

Rather surprisingly the seven speed automatic transmission with steering wheel paddles for manual changes was a £1,568 option taking the price of the test car to £40,557 but it provides super smooth changes that made the test period more enjoyable.

The car was powered by a silky 3.7 V6 petrol engine which produced a top speed of 155mph, a zero to 62mph time of 5.9 seconds and a combined fuel consumption of 26.9mpg although the on board computer showed this to be around 22mpg.

There is a very luxurious leather clad interior which is arguably posher than those from the German trio of big hitters and the long wheelbase provides plenty of rear leg room but there is no spare wheel although I discovered a brolly in the boot and there is a very good speed camera warning system!

The S line models are the sportiest in the G range and the test car with its classy conservative styling certainly provided really sporty driving and it also had that very roomy and luxurious cabin which provided a nice driving ambience.

As I have stated previously the big problem facing Infiniti in the UK is getting established and that is a long slog as Lexus the luxury arm of Toyota discovered and they had more dealerships when they came to Britain many years ago.

But they realise they are in for the long haul and with cars like the G models especially the one I have just been driving then they should eventually be in for a bright future in this market sector.

My Verdict: A sporty premium saloon.