Narrow escape for Doncaster railway workers

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NEWS: News.

Two railworkers had a lucky escape yesterday when a van drove into a hydraulic platform they were working on in Doncaster.

The incident happened next to the railway bridge on Barnby Dun Road near the Clay Lane estate just before 3am.

The Network Rail employees – a man and a woman – were carrying out an inspection of the bridge which carries the freight line through Sandall Beat towards the Kirk Sandall junction.

The platform, on a wheeled Network Rail vehicle, had been coned off but a van crashed into it, leaving the platform cage suspended in mid-air.

The man working in it was able to climb on to the railway line but a woman in her 40s was thrown out of the cage and on to the embankment.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said she could not climb to safety and needed to be rescued by Doncaster firefighters.

They fixed a rope to her and hauled her up to the track.

Neither of the railworkers was injured but the woman was said to be shocked by her ordeal.

It is believed the driver of the van left the scene before the emergency services arrived.

A spokesman for Network Rail said the platform would have been coned off and appropriate warning signs placed in the road.

“We carry out bridge inspections late at night because of the reduced traffic at that time of day and we hope motorists take notice of safety warnings.”

Police said they were investigating the incident.