Mysterious ‘godly proclamation’ sign appears in Doncaster shop window

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An empty Doncaster town centre shop has mysteriously been plastered with religious messages over the Christmas period.

The former Rock One outdoors shop on Scot Lane has been targeted with a series of eye-catching placards offering a “godly proclamation.”

Three bright yellow placards have been attached to the frontage of the shop, including one covering the sign of the business which closed its doors earlier this year.

The notices offer to tell the truth about Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and those interested are urged to send a stamped address envelope to an address in Sandyfields View, Carcroft.

It is not known who is responsible for the signs, although the name Peter is used for people to contact for information.

The posters were largely being ignored by post Christmas shoppers today.

It is not known if the signs are connected to the controversial Heads of Donny legal highs shop which formerly had premises in Scot Lane until earlier this year.