My View, Kate Sulley: Bringing the fun of the seaside to Balby

Chelsea Lord, 37, of Finch Road, Balby. Picture: Liz Mockler D1222LM
Chelsea Lord, 37, of Finch Road, Balby. Picture: Liz Mockler D1222LM

We are busy sharing skills in Balby, getting ready for a community event which will see the area turned into a seaside this summer.

Our Skill Share sessions, which take place on Fridays at Balby Library between 10am and noon, are attracting people from the community who want to learn a new skill or share a skill they have.

The sessions are being led by Chelsea Lord, who is from the area.

The group have been working on a variety of crafts and arts and are creating work which can be used in the library and in other projects in Balby including our Balby by the Sea event.

Balby by the Sea will bring some of the fun and atmosphere of a seaside town to Doncaster.

The Balby community have been inspired to create their own version of a seaside town and have spent time in 2015 creating an artistic response to it.

The creative sessions are funded by the Right Up Our Street project.

Right up our Street is engaging people in Doncaster in creative arts activities and they are a great chance for people to come along, make new friends and learn or improve their skills.

Everyone is welcome to join in from beginners to experts.

So far the group have worked on lots of creations for the Balby By the Sea event which will take place on Saturday, August 15, at Woodfield Club, Woodfield Road.

And we have also had people working on their own projects from making their first dress to knitting a chess set.

It is great to see Chelsea share her passion for the arts with others in the community.

And there is a great mix of people who come along to the sessions and get involved.

This is a fantastic example of people taking part and helping to make something for their own community.

It is rewarding and we are all looking forward to seeing the bunting and bags which we have been working on up around Balby in August.

Balby by the Sea will be a celebration of all the work that has been created in Balby, exhibiting works of art created by the community and there will be fun and games for the whole family to enjoy.

We have got another family workshop coming up where people can help to make and decorate seaside themed art works and artefacts to take home and be used to transform both the library and the club. 

The next sessions will be on Wednesday, May 27, at Balby library, from 10.30am to noon and 1pm to 2.30pm.

Visit Right Up Your Street to find out more about this event or how you can get involved in the arts in Doncaster.

* Kate Sulley, Right Up Our Streets Arts Supporter for Balby