My View, Bill Morrison: Who’ll fill the space of a loved one lost?

Some people are struggling to meet the cost of a funeral for their loves ones.
Some people are struggling to meet the cost of a funeral for their loves ones.

Why do we need friends?

Well, can you imagine life without them? In my experience true friends can most likely be counted on less fingers than you have on one hand.

I have recently suffered the loss of such a friend. It was only as we laid him to rest did I realise the enormity of that loss. I had lost more than a friend, he was my ‘brother‘ the man who would listen to my moans and groans, my mentor, a man who never judged although I am sure I had given reason to on many occasion.

He was the person I shared hopes and aspirations with. The ups and downs of life through 47 years we worked and socialised together. A true friend and a unique partnership.

If you wonder what your best friend means to you just ask yourself ‘who can fill that space left when you have lost something of yourself’. You might surprise yourself with the answer.

Now for the grouse. There I was in a line of patient coffee seekers when on reaching next to the front of the line eagerly waiting to order my Americano, yes not very sophisticated I know, when Mr Numpty with phone attached to his ear speaking loud enough to be heard miles away kept us all waiting while he confirmed the day’s activities with whoever.

Only on the third request from the assistant did he realise he was sharing our planet.

Why do such people come out in daylight to blight the lives of those of us who respect our fellow citizens? It happens everywhere you go. The supermarket checkout is my favourite place to watch idiots at play. There they are, phone trapped between tilted head and raised shoulder trying desperately to pack a bag which refuses to stay still.

Then it happens. The eggs miss the bag, followed by the peas and carrots and then they are chased in various directions, with the person retrieving the aforementioned items. But – hey ho – the phone is still attached. It’s great fun watching them keeping that phone in place. At no time do they relinquish ownership, ear wax must be stronger than super glue.

Something that really annoys me is the great rush towards Christmas.

It all starts as the kids return to school after the summer break. I ask myself, do we have our priorities wrong? Before all the jollies we have Remembrance Day, should that not be respected before we embark on a frenzy of self indulgence? Is it any wonder our children know little of the meaning of Remembrance when we actively display such a level of disregard?

Each year we see fewer young people taking an active role in commemorations.

It is no surprise to me that our country is battling extreme ideology.

Wake up Britain before it is too late.