My View, Bill Morrison: In or out, the Europeans won't like us

Well it was another on-the-fence/off-the-fence discussion with the oldies regarding the infernal EU referendum.

Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 9:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th June 2016, 10:23 am
French police. Photograph by Rama, Wikimedia Commons, Cc-by-sa-2.0-fr

Who knows what the answer is? Can we believe the politicians of either argument? I don’t think so, for we have no experience to relate to and they are no different. I suspect it’s all smoke and mirrors.

What I do believe is that the Europeans won’t like us whatever the outcome.

You only have to look at their attitude towards our football fans.

Now I am not saying that our lads are all innocent but I can’t help thinking that some reaction could have been seen to be a little more proportionate.

The French police took a one-size-fits-all approach and it’s somewhat obvious that they didn’t really care too much about the English.

A taste of things to come?

It was the oldies’ considered opinion that they didn’t like us before and will like us even less after June 23, and that’s just the French.

Now on to something more domestic: street lights. In Dunscroft on a very bad bend there are four lights out. Unacceptable by any standard but now we have those Mickey Mouse lights it is unforgivable.

Residents tell me they have been out for weeks if not months and when I asked the relevant department I was told up to 28 working days. On a five-day week that means realistically five to six weeks. Surely not.

Dunscroft, if you’re lucky you could have light by July 25. In the interim feel free to apply to Doncaster Council for a torch and batteries.

Motorists, don’t go out after dark unless you can find an alternative safe route.

One of our oldies tells me that roadworks on the bridge at Stainforth seem to be at a standstill.

One side of the road is in preparation for something. One thinks it might be for new crash barriers but we don’t know.

It is a mystery, or perhaps it’s meant to be a community quiz – and the winner gets to knock in the first post.

The local Community Resource Centre in Dunscroft has suffered badly from vandalism.

Local youths, no doubt bored, poor things, have wrecked the community garden area to the rear of the centre.

Shame on them and shame on those who know who they are and refuse to name them.

They have even damaged the tree that was planted in memory of a local soldier killed in action.

I doubt if these morons will ever face death in defence of the nation. You need guts and backbone for that and they have neither.

It’s sad to think that our armed services are fighting and dying for these idiots.