My View, Bill Morrison, Now you’re elected, please sort the NHS

Ed Miliband gives a speech after holding onto his seat in Doncaster North after a disappointing night for Labour. Pic.''Tom Maddick /
Ed Miliband gives a speech after holding onto his seat in Doncaster North after a disappointing night for Labour. Pic.''Tom Maddick /

Now I hope you have all got over election fever and settled down for five years of whatever takes your fancy.

It’s been a funny few weeks with the polls. One day it was Ed then it was Dave with Nick coming up on the rails with Nigel well behind. And, hey ho, they all got the numbers, well, wrong.

Pollsters, I ask you, are they any use at all? Never again will I believe them when they tell me 70 per cent of people found a certain shampoo made their hair grow back longer, thicker etc in a week.

The power of advertising is greater than we think. How often when strolling the aisles of the supermarket do you get drawn to that product which has been forced fed to your mind through television?

You recognise it straight away remembering everything that’s been told to you, and how often do you buy it ‘to see if its any good’? I know she of the all knowing (the wife) will always have to give it a whirl. I have eaten all forms of weird food washed my feet with various compounds guaranteed to make them super soft and smell lovely. I was often sick and my feet have not improved.

The point is don’t buy it, or use it if you don’t need it. Just because 70 per of 92 people (64.4) say so does not mean it’s good or necessary for you.

Meanwhile, on the subject of hospital discharges, I still hear of people sent home without provision in place.

What is the problem? Is it so difficult for departments and agencies to have a recognised structure that everybody uses and understands?

How long do we continue to see people’s lives put at risk because checks are not made.

What’s more important, targets or peoples well being. There are too many agencies all replicating each other. Agency heads are you listening? Get together, formulate policy that puts people first and not the targets.

Newly elected MPs put your constituents first, whatever your party, you are there to serve those who elected you. It’s all very well to have a supposed flagship NHS but if targets are not been met then they are too high and those responsible need to get back to basics and deliver real quality and speak out and up for the patient.

A 100 per cent target met might be good, but if it’s achieved by sending someone home without provision simply to claim another bed to make that target then its morally wrong and shame on those who implement it.

For the most part our NHS do a pretty good job but it must put its house in order. There is an old saying one good volunteer is worth ten pressed men. Well the same logic needs to be applied.

One good manager is worth ten whizzkids who think they know best. Theory is wonderful, practice makes perfect. Get it?