My View, Bill Morrison: Let’s stop all this nuisance behaviour

Anti-dog fouling paint is being used in Blackpool to warn dog owners
Anti-dog fouling paint is being used in Blackpool to warn dog owners

Well a few things are up for a grumble this week. Lets start with green boxes.

Now we all do our bit to recycle as per instruction so why do the operatives that collect and empty the confounded boxes feel they are exempt? And by that I mean exempt from keeping the recycled items in the box until it’s tucked away in their nice recycling vehicle.

How often do you follow the trail of discarded cans and paper, strewn across the highway because someone is too idle to pick up what they have dropped? Recycling does not mean picking it up from my front door and redistributing it further down the street. What is difficult about picking up the box and disposing of its contents into the truck?

And what’s the idea of slinging the box back across the road so it could be anywhere when you come to look for it? Get a grip – not just on our boxes but on your job attitude. Not all green box people are guilty but those that are need to change their attitude or their job.

Now what gives a dental receptionist the right to tell a patient they don’t have time to keep making appointments? I refer to an incident which involved a patient who missed a visit because they had a hospital appointment. I have to say the patient was a cancer sufferer so it was not unreasonable to think they would have forgotten the dentist. I know which my priority would have been. So I suggest that doctor and dentist reception staff remember that making appointments form part of their job description, not offering diagnosis and unsolicited medical information. I will take that only from the experts.

Dog fouling is still with us. On a daily basis we see the evidence on our pavements. Do dog walkers really think it is acceptable to allow their little hairy friend to foul our sidewalks? No it’s not. Clean up their mess, don’t impose your lack of conscience on the rest of us.

Most areas have allotments and some like those in Dunscroft suffer from vandalism and theft. Recently I have heard that they have suffered 17 acts of theft in a two-year period and more recently two break-ins in three weeks. This is coupled with damage to property, fires set close to the boundaries, not to mention the drinking by young people who then leave their litter behind. A more responsible attitude from all age groups is needed. If you see or know that someone is vandalising or stealing from allotments tell the police.

It may not be the holders’ livelihood but it is their leisure pursuit which in many cases helps support the family with homegrown produce.

Before you shrug it off, consider how you would feel if your pastime was jeopardised by a local idiot. Not funny is it?

* Bill Morrison, former chairman of Doncaster 50 Plus Group