My view, Bill Morrison: Let’s go bigger on the lights switch-on

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Why do we get asked to put our bin out for 7.30am?

Well, it is supposed to be helpful. Now maybe I am a little pedantic but it would also be helpful if they actually emptied it on the day in question.

Last Monday I put my bin out, took it back in on arriving home, and the bin was still full. No explanation, but they did then come on Tuesday.

However, like most of the people on my street, I didn’t know they were coming on the Tuesday, so there was no bin emptying for our street. It was most annoying but if you dare have the lid raised an inch, a full-scale inquiry is launched and you face possible exile to another county. Okay, I exaggerate a little, but you get my drift – do as they say and not as they do.

Now green boxes. Why do I have to search the street for my box?

I put it out, they will empty it, and you can search for it as it seems the norm to lob it back across the street and it stays where it lands.

Meanwhile, I understand to save money street lights are getting changed to LED lighting.

All very well but in my view they are nowhere near as good as the existing lights. They only light the bit immediately below. I fear this could lead to safety issues if one or two lights fail.

The subject of lights reminds me, did you go to the big Christmas light switch- on in Doncaster? I did, and I was seriously disappointed. It was a farce and a waste of time. There I was in the market place with granddaughter and ball and chain attached in the form of her ladyship eagerly awaiting the lights.

The atmosphere was not great, Trax Radio did their best but most shops and market stalls were closed.

When the great moment arrived not much happened.

A tree lit up, not very colourful, a string of lights linked between a lamp post and the Corn Exchange.

Oh, and a thing like a box hanging off a lamp post.

Children from the Hatfield Travis school sang their little hearts out and you couldn’t hear a thing.

In fairness there were a few Santas offering gifts in exchange for money.

A very sad display made worse by the fact a man was switching some lights on manually.

Let’s go back to the switch- on from the Mansion House or Clock Corner, light up the High Street and have something of a real spectacle. I am sure our beloved Donny can do better than the miserable ‘nearly an event’ that was this year’s switch-on.

All I can say is Mrs Mayor, if we are going to have a switch-on of festive lights let’s do it big, it’s a once a year event and it’s Christmas. God knows in these times of cutbacks we need a bit of cheer.

Empty the petty cash tin and let’s do it right next year.