My View, Bill Morrison: It’s important we keep our children safe

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Well it was an interesting coffee time conversation as we slowly munched our way through the ever smaller more expensive chocolate biscuits.

Why, we asked, are the biscuits getting smaller and costing more.

We were unanimous in our verdict it was greed on the part of the makers of our favourite confection.

As with a lot of things today, the costs increase and we get less for our money.

Up goes the price and less in the wrapper so a 1p increase is actually a lot more, multiplied by every biscuit sold and it represents a nice big profit for Mr Biscuit or whoever.

If my wife could reduce in size like my biscuits, she would be well happy.

We moved on to a more serious issue, bullying in schools.

Now it is something that has always happened and to some degree it’s part of school life,but when it comes to threatening life, then schools must do something other than proclaiming ‘we don’t have a problem, our policy is strict’.

Maybe what they mean is ‘we know about it, but if we pretend its not happening it will go away all by itself’.

Now for the story behind the statement – a young person is approached by two others and told ‘cut your throat or we will do it for you’.

Understandably, the young person is terrified. Big brother approaches the two bullies, expresses concern and warns them off.

Now you would think the school would take it seriously.

No, for his trouble he is excluded for bad behaviour and our two friendly morons carry on regardless.

The school in question should hang their head in shame. Must someone die before they admit there’s a problem?

All educational establishments have a bullying problem from the nursery upwards and it is at nursery level that it needs dealing with.

There is not much point trying to stop it when kids reach high school.

How many young lives have been ruined by then?

Another issue prevalent at the moment on my patch is children being approached by strangers. In the last few days more than one child has been approached.

On one occasion it was by four masked men.

I accept this was possibly not their intention and mistaken identity, as they moved on quickly – although there is no doubt in my mind it had criminal connections.

As a grandparent, I bang on to my little ones how important it is to stay safe.

It is a hard task at times as making them aware without scaring the living daylights out of them is a very fine line.

We all have a responsibility to keep our children safe.