My view, Bill Morrison: ‘If you don’t pay in, then don’t take out’

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Well it was Friday afternoon and I was sharing coffee and conversation with a few oldie friends and the talk came round inevitably to the NHS.

Recent headlines told us that a lady had not spent as much as some may say she should on her children to enable her to save her benefits payments so she could improve her bust line.

Now that has turned out a bad job, so she wanted help putting it right.

So please Mr NHS, she asked, repair the damage at the taxpayers’ expense.

Well excuse me, I and others have worked 50 years plus, and not to support stupidity.

If I buy a car from Mr Benz and it becomes sick I don’t take it to Mr Ford and demand he put it right. If I did he would rightly tell me to go away, or something similar.

And that’s what should happen with dodgy surgery, if we didn’t do it we don’t repair it.

Millions of pounds would be saved. My friends and I thought the person in the story should be dealt with accordingly and put away for the good of her kids.

And the same should apply to anyone else in a similar circumstances.

This kind of behaviour coupled with the health tourism trade is costing our country millions.

A simple rule change is needed ‘if you don’t pay in you don’t take out’.

As for those who seek care when on holiday, well, simple, no insurance no treatment, the only exception should be children.

And you, Mr NHS, get off your rear end and start claiming back every penny that you can and should.

Banks don’t give it away for the asking and neither should our health service.

Now those millions could be used to employ more frontline staff which brings me to another NHS Looney Tunes report.

It would seem that our foreign nurses who don’t earn £35,000 a year can be deported.

How many nurses do you know who earn that kind of money, English or otherwise? No, I don’t either.

Contradiction comes to mind.

We need nurses so we ‘import’ some, but we don’t pay them enough to earn £35,000 in a year so we send them all home.

And then we hire in some more from across the globe and no doubt repeat the process.

Something tells me this does not make sense. Why employ someone and then deport them?

Whitehall needs to wake up and departments need to start talking to each other to avoid ludicrous situations that penalise hardworking nurses who don’t earn mega bucks.

The lunatics really are running the asylum we call the NHS.

* Bill Morrison, former chairman of Doncaster 50 Plus Group