My View, Bill Morrison: Give us more public toilets in the town

The underground toilets on West Laith Gate are due to be filled in by the council. Picture: Liz Mockler D7271LM
The underground toilets on West Laith Gate are due to be filled in by the council. Picture: Liz Mockler D7271LM

Now this week I need to bring to your attention the need for more public toilet facilities.

We are all aware of cutbacks and so on but when are large stores and cafes going to wake up to the fact that their customers do have needs.

I recently heard about an elderly disabled gentleman who was refused the use of a shop’s toilet, which was distressing for him.

A small child was also refused which resulted in a little accident. Not good.

Now I spoke with the shop manager who told me it was discretionary.

I want to know who makes the decision. The conversation went from discretionary, to well we won’t bother any more, to our old friend Health and Safety and Risk Assessment, security would have to be called to escort you to the loo. You name it, it got a mention.

The best laugh of all was when I got told that it was staff only and they kept stock in there.

Well I just hope the biscuits are not in there. What stock do you keep in the loo?

It is time business in Doncaster got its act together along with Doncaster Council and have some kind of pass scheme initiated.

They want your custom and your money but they don’t want to offer anything much in return. No surprise Doncaster town is struggling to maintain a high level of enterprise.

We hear all the time about jobs created, tourism and so on, but if we don’t make our business outlets people-friendly then we can forget the rosy future we are constantly promised.

Come on Donny we are known as a town of friendly people. Let business start to display some sense in its approach to its customers.

And all town planners when an application for shops and any business with public access finds its way to your desk make it mandatory to provide washroom facilities.

Again I hear much grumbling about our buses. Well as I see it we must stop mounting demos and signing petitions and get to the heart of the matter.

Bombard your local councillors and MPs with demands for bus services to be brought back under local control.

Remember how good it was under The old Corporation? Well that’s how it needs to be again throughout South Yorkshire. Now it’s business and not a service, profit above all else.

Well, soon I will be going on my annual pilgrimage to the dreaded supermarket, the trolley dashes, crazy people buying like we are two days away from famine or worlds end even.

Festive? I don’t know more like a day out from kindergarten.

I’ll tell you all about that next time, if I survive the journey.