My View, Bill Morrison - Get ready for the election

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It is General Election year and all the major parties – and the loons – will be selling their ideas for saving the nation.

They all offer pretty much the same thing, but with not much idea how to deliver it in a cost effective way.

However, let us look at the reality.

There are more elderly, among others, making demands on our services, and fewer people paying into it.

There will never again be the funds to provide the level we enjoyed in the past.

If our elected MPs listened to what we say things would and could be different. For example the justice system would be more effective – i.e. victim first, offender second.

Healthwise, why treat people who are injured through drink, drugs and or self-effected violence?

These are self inflicted and should not be a burden on the rest of us.

Casualty is and should be for genuine accidents and emergencies – and not for the Friday night drunken idiot.

Let us turn back the clock a little bit to the time when if you visited the doctor’s surgery, we all turned up and at a stated time the door was shut. If you were in, you saw the doctor.

Of course, most practices were single or possibly two-doctor operations and they worked well.

Now we have five, six or more doctors in a practice and they cannot cope.

Open for business at 8.30am. At 8.35am – if they answer the phone – it is: ‘There are no appointments left, try again tomorrow’.

Something is seriously wrong and, of course, there is always the receptionist who thinks they are professors of medicine and can tell you if you need a doctor and will defend their ‘right’ to stop you seeing a qualified practitioner.

On a different note, the proposed development of the Frenchgate Centre providing leisure facilities is good news.

More employment, more choice and more money into our economy.

However, where is there anything devoted to those of us of a certain age.?

Why cannot we have an over-50s club that would provide a dining out facility, cinema and other live entertainment better suited to the age group and slap bang in the middle of town.

We do not all want to dine or be entertained in a noisy and sometimes disruptive atmosphere.

Someone must be missing out on a great opportunity for a lucrative business venture.

Potholes are big news just now and we all have a story to tell.

Just recently, in spite of my best effort to stop my other half from venturing out on her Christmas bike, she did so. Having negotiated the drive, she merged on to the road – and the rest I will tell you later...