Mum’s thanks for baby rescue

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A MUM has two good Samaritans to thank for rescuing her two young children from a locked car.

Claire and Keith Richardson accidentally locked their toddler daughter and baby son in their car parked in Morrisons supermarket car park after they stopped for breakfast.

The couple both closed the doors of the black BMW car at the same time - leaving the children inside and the car keys on the front seat.

Keith and Claire were visiting Doncaster for a family christening when they pulled into the car park.

Claire, 36, from Windygates in Fife, Scotland, said: “My husband went to get the extra keys for the car while I went inside to see if I could get a knife to try and prise open the window. The children were getting really frantic because the alarm was going off and then all of a sudden this tall, balding man came to help.

“He was pulling at the door frame, trying to bend it. Then a man, who worked for a window repair company, got a tool out of his van and put this magnetic substance on the bottom of it and it magnetised the keys out of the car.”

The whole incident took just 25 minutes - but it felt like a lifetime to Claire.

As she comforted Imogen and Evan, the pair bent the door back to its original shape and then left the scene.

Claire, who contacted the Free Press to pass on the family’s thanks, explained: “I just hope it came across how appreciative I was. It was major relief for a horrible experience and it has restored my faith in human nature.”

The incident unfolded at around 11.30am on Sunday, August 14.

Claire added: “The ironic thing is my husband and I are both police officers and we know how to break a car window. There were just too many things going through my head at the time and I was just concentrating on my children.”

One man Claire and her family would like to thank is described as tall and was possibly with his wife and two children and the other drove a white van with black and red writing and was from a window repair company.

There was also, possibly, a man in a Transit van who was with a woman who also helped out at the scene.