Mum’s thanks as smiling Scarlett is improving well

Scarlett Straw.
Scarlett Straw.

The mum of a toddler who miraculously survived after her father jumped in front of a train with her in his arms has spoken of the horrific incident.

Scarlett Straw has fought back from the serious injuries she suffered in the tragedy near Adwick station in July.

The three-year-old who had to endure 13 hours of surgery, is now fit enough to take up her place at nursery school.

Railway police who attended the collision in which her father, Richard Straw, was killed were amazed Scarlett, who was in her father’s arms, survived the impact, and have been delighted by the little girl’s recovery.

Mum Samantha, aged 25, said: “When my young daughter Scarlett was involved in a horrific train accident she had to be rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

“After thirteen hours of surgery Scarlett was moved to the intensive care unit to recover from the trauma.

“I felt completely overwhelmed, exhausted and terrified about the fragile state of my daughter.”

Scarlett, who was airlifted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital, was critically ill in intensive care for weeks.

Samantha has paid tribute to the Sick Children’s Trust who provided free accommodation at Treetop House while Scarlett was in hospital so she could stay close by.

She said: “It felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders knowing that I could stay so close to Scarlett and have access to a warm, comfortable ‘home from home’ environment.

“Treetop House had everything I needed from a well equipped kitchen to quiet areas when I could go to have some time to myself when things got too difficult to bear in the intensive care unit.

“I know it was a comfort to Scarlett to know that I was never far away.

“The staff were all incredibly supportive and even played with Scarlett when she came to visit which she clearly enjoyed.”

Scarlett is now improving dramatically and has started to walk with her walking frame.

Samantha said: “Whilst Scarlett is getting better I know she will have many more operations in future and it is wonderful to know that Treetop House will always be there to support us.

“I am so grateful to The Sick Children’s Trust and only hope that more families can benefit from the wonderful service they provide.”

Scarlett has now been discharged as an in-patient but is still having to attend the hospital a couple of times a week to have dressings changed.

No date has yet been fixed for the resumption of the coroner’s inquest into Mr Straw’s death.