Mum in drunken Scawsby school playground attack

Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School. Andrew Roe
Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School. Andrew Roe

A mother has escaped jail after attacking another parent in front of young children in a primary school playground after being told she was too drunk to collect her children.

Lisa Marie Skelton became aggressive and started shouting and shoving another parent at Saltersgate Junior School in Scawsby.

The court heard the incident took place in front of schoolchildren and members of staff.

A statement read out from one teacher who witnessed the assault said: “I have never seen behaviour like this before.

“It was totally shocking especially in a school playground. I couldn’t believe it.”

Doncaster Magistrates ‘Court heard Skelton, of Baldwin Avenue, Cusworth, had admitted drinking a couple of glasses of wine prior to collecting her two children.

A pre-sentence report said she had been drinking as she was awaiting test results to see if she had breast cancer and was under a lot of stress.

District Judge Jonathan Bennett told Skelton she was lucky not to be facing a prison sentence following the violent outburst.

He added: “A school is a place of safety, it is meant to be a happy place.

“You behaved in quite a disrespectful way. We heard from one teacher who had the misfortune of seeing this who said she had never seen behaviour like this before.

“Quite frequently in cases where there is violence in a playground it would be a prison sentence.

“However, I recognise that you were under a lot of stress.”

The mother had since been given the all clear but medics had found she had a hormone imbalance that could result in her being very emotional at times and affecting her mood.

David Sheppard, prosecuting, said the incident happened after Skelton accused the complainant of reporting her to staff for being intoxicated.

He added: “She marched over and was shouting abuse in her face accusing her of saying things about her at school reception.

“The defendant was intoxicated and started pushing her head, shoulder and back.”

Skelton initially denied the assault when interviewed and said the victim was lying but later pleaded guilty.

Reading from a pre-sentence report Lisa Sampson from the probation service said: “This was an isolated incident linked to the stress she was under at that time.”

The court heard the mother of two, of previously good character, was initially banned from school for six weeks following the incident.

Skelton was ordered to carry out 80 hours’ unpaid work and pay £50 compensation and £85 in costs after pleading guilty to the assault that took place on January 7.

Skelton told the court “I’m really sorry it ever happened in the first place, it will never happen again.

“I don’t think anyone feels as bad about this as I do.”