Mum in collision outside school

CALLS for safety measures outside a Wombwell school are being made - after a pedestrian mum was injured in a morning collision.

The shocked parent, who was delivering her child to High View Primary Learning Centre on Newsome Avenue, was taken to hospital following the minor collision.

She later made a full recovery, but both school staff and local councillors are linked with parents in efforts to try to reduce the dangers.

School manager Tim Marsh said: “We have been asked to support initiatives such as a 20 mph speed limit on Newsome Avenue, or a park and stride scheme, and we are fully behind these.

“Parking outside school is a nightmare on Newsome. Fortunately this lady recovered and her child was uninjured. But it could have been worse. Letters were sent urging parents to be careful.” Coun Dick Wraith said: “It’s a narrow road and elderly residents get blocked in. We’re keen to see improvements.”