Mum and brothers run to raise funds for Sheffield hospital

Claire Wilson with sons Joey, left, and Ryan, right
Claire Wilson with sons Joey, left, and Ryan, right

Two young brothers will pull on their running shoes to help raise funds for the hospital where they have both been treated.

Youngsters Joey and Ryan Ellis, aged five and four, will take on the Great Yorkshire Mini Run, when they help their mum to support The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield.

The pair will compete in the 1.5k race while mum Claire Wilson, 32, from Swallownest, takes on the 10K run on September 27.

Claire vowed to spend a year taking on running challenges for The Children’s Hospital Charity and has already completed the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10K in May and recently tackled Tough Mudder Yorkshire.

She said: “When I told the boys why I was running, they said they wanted to run like mummy and help the hospital too, so I thought this was a great way for us all to get involved.”

Joey was diagnosed with chiari malformation, a brain disorder which means that the brain stem at the back of his head is too low, blocking the fluid travelling to and from the brain and causing the pressure in his head to increase.

In December 2014 he underwent surgery to reduce the pressure on the spinal cord and was fitted with a shunt, to automatically drain excess fluid.

Claire said: “If the back of his brain had slipped any lower and touched the spinal cord, it could have paralysed him. Having the shunt fitted has made such a massive difference for him. He doesn’t get headaches anymore and he can jump around on the trampoline as much as he likes without any pain.”

Ryan has been treated at the hospital since he was a baby for acid reflux disease. He suffered burning in his stomach and daily projectile vomiting.

Claire said: “Our experience at The Children’s Hospital was amazing. 
“The consultants worked above and beyond. 
“It just felt like we were part of a family.”