MP welcomes firm’s nuisance call fine

MP Rosie Winterton. Picture: Marie Caley D1869MC
MP Rosie Winterton. Picture: Marie Caley D1869MC

A Doncaster MP has welcomed news that a telecoms giant has been fined £750,000 for making nuisance phone calls which cause ‘annoyance, inconvenience and anxiety’.

Rosie Winterton has urged people to remain vigilant and continue to report incidents after TalkTalk was fined by Ofcom for making abandoned and silent phone calls to customers.

The Doncaster Central MP spearheads a Parliamentary campaign called Freeze Out Cold Calls, which aims to target firms which make unwanted phone calls.

She said: “This fine shows that firms which act irresponsibly and make nuisance phone calls will face the consequences.

“Abandoned calls can cause annoyance, inconvenience and anxiety, so it’s important that Ofcom continues to use its powers effectively to deter the small minority of companies breaching telemarketing laws from continuing to do so.

“I’d urge everyone in Doncaster to remain vigilant about cold calls. Where possible, they should be reported to Ofcom using the website or by phoning 0300 123 3333.”

Rosie launched the campaign earlier this year and is calling on the telemarketing industry and the government to take a co-ordinated approach to relieve the torment caused by unwanted calls.

She joined forces with other MPs in February to highlight the issue, taking part in a debate in Westminster. Since then, scores of people have told Rosie of their experiences.

“People from across Doncaster have already registered their support for the campaign,” said Rosie.

“Many have said they receive dozens of calls a week, despite being registered with the Telephone Preference Service, others receive silent calls, and some are regularly phoned by companies from abroad.

“For many people though, it is the sheer nuisance of getting unsolicited, unwanted calls that frustrates them.”

Doncaster’s other MPs, Ed Miliband (Doncaster North) and Caroline Flint (Don Valley), have already pledged their support for Rosie’s campaign.

An Ofcom spokesman said: “TalkTalk made approximately 9,000 silent and abandoned calls to consumers.”

To support to Rosie’s campaign, contact her office on 01302 876 106.