MP Caroline Flint goes back to school

Caroline Flint. PA
Caroline Flint. PA

Pupils at a Doncaster primary school became teachers for a day when MP Caroline Flint paid them a visit.

Two pupils in Year 4 at Rossington St Michael’s Primary School gave the Don Valley Labour MP a quick science lesson, where she learnt about the basics of filtration.

Caroline was also quizzed by Year 6 pupils, who asked her a wide range of questions, including what her opinion on fracking is and if she has ever tried tap dancing.

The MP said: “St Michael’s has a lot to offer and Headteacher Clair Tucker and her staff clearly have high hopes for the school.

“It was great to look in on a science lesson and see pupils learning the basic properties of sand and water through experimentation.”

Commenting on her hour-long Question Time style grilling, Caroline said: “I don’t recall ever being asked about such a wide range of issues.

“It was certainly a surprise to be asked about fracking but the pupils said ‘my mum asked’ so it was nice to know that parents took an interest.”

Headteacher Clair Tucker said: “Our children were thrilled to be able to share their learning with Caroline and her interest in them was clear to see.

“Our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a lively and informative debate with her.”