Motorists warned of key thieves

Police tape
Police tape

CAR owners are being urged to keep their keys safe following a spate of thefts of luxury motors in the borough.

A range of high-value cars including BMWs, Audis and Landrovers are just some of the expensive makes of vehicles that have been reported as stolen to the police since January 1.

There has been 15 reported over last month in Doncaster with areas such as Bawtry, Tickhill and Armthorpe appearing to be the worst affected.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said the force did not want to pinpoint particular streets where the sneak-in burglaries had happened because properties across the borough has been targeted by gangs.

However, she said the force wanted to warn motorists to take care of their car keys at all times.

The spokesman added that nearly all of the cars that had been taken last month were “high-valued”.

The vehicles have been taken following ‘Hanoi’ or ‘two-in-one burglaries’ where intruders sneak into homes and take keys which have been left unattended.

Det Insp Steve Whittaker said: “We are doing everything we can to prevent and detect these type of offences and I would urge the public to assist us by removing their car keys from view.

“Residents should treat their car keys as they would any other expensive item and not leave them lying around the house.”

The force has warned that residents need to be more vigilant with their belongings by keeping their vehicle keys out of sight in their homes.

The Free Press has reported several similar offences happening throughout the borough over the past year as officers continue to try and crackdown on the sneak-in crime.

It was revealed in September a third of house burglaries in Doncaster were the work of sneak thieves with scores of intruders looking specifically for car keys.