More flights over Doncaster town, council officials informed

Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster
Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster

The number of flights over a Doncaster town have increased, say local councillors.

Three members of Tickhill Town Council held a meeting with officials from Robin Airport on the issue, and have now confirmed there has been a rise in the numbers.

A draft statement has been issued after the meeting and the council says there will be further discussions on the issue with Doncaster Council.

The Tickhill Council statement said: “Members of the town council met with representatives of Robin Hood Airport (Peel Airports Division).

“It was established that there had been an increase in the number of flights but the ‘Climb Out Paths’ that have been published by the airport and discussed by the council were part of the legal flight paths.

“The Town Council was informed that the official paths, which the airport refers to as ‘noise preferential routes’, are a series of corridors, which are some three kilometres wide, in which the aircraft leaving the airport can legally operate.

“As far as Tickhill is concerned, the most northerly edge of the two corridors concerned lies approximately over the recreation ground and the southerly edge is just north of Styrrup.

“Therefore, we are told, commercial aircraft operating from Robin Hood Airport can legally fly over Tickhill.”