More clashes over Isle youth service plans

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The row over changes to the Isle’s youth services is continuing with the different sides clashing once again.

Ian Sharp, fierce champion of the ‘hands off our youth service’ camp, once again took the opportunity to berate North Linconshire councillor Rob Waltham about new-look service provision at an Epworth Town Council meeting.

He accused Coun Waltham of trying to save money by being oblivious of the wishes of youngsters by burying his head in the sand by relying on a survey he described as ‘absurd’.

He also said Coun Waltham was ignoring the real wishes of young people, and that by having youth service provision run by the Diocese of Lincoln, the service was being ‘chucked into the hands’ of people who weren’t known.

But Coun Waltham stuck to his guns by saying that in North Lincolnshire the youth service was accessed by only a small proportion of the people it should be involving, and he wanted to change that.

And he rounded on Mr Sharp. He said: “You have to question the morals of people who ask children to vote against closures that were never proposed. Youth centres aren’t closing,” he said.

He added that spending on the service was to increase to £700,000, which he was confident would result in provision that attracted a broader group of young people than it previously had done.

He had been invited to Epworth Town Council to clarify youth service proposals for the town from an earlier document, which members felt had been far from clear.

Coun Waltham said: “We all want what’s best for our young people. We will have things going on that we have never had before.”