Mexborough couple given trip to Google HQ

SILVER surfers Pat and Geoff Wilkinson were given an exclusive peek behind the scenes at Google headquarters - just weeks after taking their first steps online.

The Mexborough couple logged online for the first time at their local UK online centre at the Doncaster West Development Trust Centre in Conisbrough.

Just by tapping on their keyboard earlier this summer, the couple joined a select group of other learners in pushing the number of people using UK online centres nationwide to more than 500, 000 since April 2010.

For reaching the milestone, Pat, 68, and Geoff, 69, were treated to a day out at Google’s London headquarters.

The trip included a tour of the organisation’s offices and a Google Earth masterclass.

Pat said: “We were absolutely thrilled to be invited down to Google – we just had no idea what to expect but the day has been fantastic.

“Getting started with computers and the internet was a big step for us.”

Geoff said it was never too late to learn new skills, adding: “I found out that you can see the Dead See Scrolls on the internet which I didn’t have a clue about.

“If it was in Hebrew I wouldn’t have a chance but they’ve even translated them into English so I can’t wait to get home and have a look at them properly.”