Men accused of inciting child prostitution seen walking alleged victim towards Sheffield's 'red light district'

Two brothers on trial for a string of child prostitution charges were seen by police walking towards Sheffield's red light district with a young girl they are accused of pimping out, a court heard.

Friday, 10th February 2017, 17:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:08 am
Matthew Whiteley, 24, of Weakland Crescent, Hackenthorpe is standing trial for a number of offences including conspiracy to incite child prostitution and conspiracy to rape.

Sheffield Crown Court was told how at around 12.45pm on February 25, 2009 Christopher Whiteley, 23 and Matthew Whiteley, 24 were spotted by police officer Lauren Parker walking along Rutland Road in Neepsend.

The two brothers, both of of Weakland Crescent, Hackenthorpe were seen walking with Girl C, then aged 16.

They, along with Shane Whiteley, also of of Weakland Crescent, Hackenthorpe and their friend Andre Francis Edge, 25 of Wheatley Road, Parson Cross are accused of forcing into prostitution.

All four defendants are also charged with conspiracy to rape Girl C.

As the girl and the two brothers walked up towards what Ms Parker described as being the city's red light district, Girl C - who cannot be named for legal reasons - was seen swigging from a can of lager.

Ms Parker, who was patrolling the area to gather intelligence on solicitation and prostitution in Sheffield, told the court that she knew what Matthew Whiteley looked like at the time due to photographs she had seen of him at the police station she was stationed at. She was also able to identify Girl C due to past dealings with her.

She told the court: "They were simply walking on the road towards Shiregreen, continuing on in the same direction [after we passed them].

"I noted down that Girl C was seen with Matthew Whiteley and an unknown male. I wrote Girl C could be on the streets working."

Another police officer also saw the Girl C and the two Whiteley brothers, both of whom were later picked out in an identification parade by officers as the two males seen with Girl C on that evening.

Under cross-examination, Ms Parker, who no longer works as a police officer, admitted she only spent a matter of seconds looking at the group as she passed them in the police car she was travelling in.

She continued: "I'm confident that I saw Matthew Whiteley with Girl C, but I'm not as confident that it was Christopher Whiteley with them."

The Whiteley brothers and Andres Frances Edge are among six defendants standing trial for 42 offences against nine alleged victims.

The defendants deny all charges.

The trial continues.