Memories of the Isle

Colin Ella. Picture: Liz Mockler E0858LM
Colin Ella. Picture: Liz Mockler E0858LM
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Time was when sports celebrities exerted themselves in their various fields of skill without making any moans, groans, shouts, yells and screams which have become so much a feature of the modern sporting scene.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that sports psychologists feel that these verbal outbursts act as a sort of support but for the life of me I am not convinced by this claim. Tennis is especially riddled with this shouting and screaming business, and especially amongst the females. I have never been much of a tennis fan and now find this exclamatory addition yet another put off. If anything the oohs, aahs, gasps, sighs, roars and shrieks are on the increase and gradually working their way into a veritable gamut of physical effort.

Shouts of enthusiasm and despair are nothing new in sport, and as much as our purists will tell us that it is all part of the psychology of the game in releasing pent up emotion and making for maximum effort, it still seems something of a fetish gone too far. In all honesty, is such a constant outpouring really necessary? Could our athletes even be wasting some of their energy in their yelling and screaming out?