Memorial trophy comes home

Silas Collins with the Jackie Clark Memorial Cup
Silas Collins with the Jackie Clark Memorial Cup

A SCHOOL trophy has been reunited with the family who donated it after it was presented to a bright young student.

Denaby St Albans pupil Silas Collins was presented with The Jackie Clarke memorial cup for his achievements in sports and maths.

It is the first time the cup has been presented for 25 years and Silas will be able to keep it as it was originally donated in memory of his uncle.

The cup was given to the school by the parents of Jack Clarke the first student from Saint Albans to gain a degree at university as a mature student, after he died in an accident.

A family member explained: “Jack had been a pupil at the school, before moving onto college, and was set to receive the highest award ever given to a Mature Student at Sheffield College, in his field of science.

“Sadly he was never to know this, as his father, Jack Clarke, had gone to sit with his young widow the night the accident happened and opened the letter, telling him of his achievement, the next morning”.

“No one had been awarded the cup for many years and it sat in the cupboard, as the history of what it was was lost. Then his nephew became a student at the school. He achieved success with an award for maths and was player of the year, at Mexborough Rovers Football Club. His dad Joe contacted the school, and asked that the award be dusted down, and presented to him.”