Mayor wants end to gay bullying

MAYOR Peter Davies met Doncaster’s gay pride committee to tackle homophobic bullying in the borough’s schools.

Mr Davies, who controversially stopped Doncaster Council’s funding of the committee’s annual festival, told the group he was committed to supporting their fight to stop young people being bullied over their sexual orientation.

The meeting came after the committee surveyed the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Doncaster about the subject of bullying.

A Pride spokesman said: “Pride for us isn’t just about organising a once a year event, we are committed to being a voice for the LGBT community in Doncaster and using this voice to tackle issues that affect members of our community in their daily lives.

“The issue of bullying for any reason cannot be tolerated. When a person’s sexuality is a reason for bullying then we want this to be raised at the highest possible levels so something can be done.

“We are very pleased the mayor has taken our issues seriously and has committed himself and Doncaster Council officers to supporting our efforts to stamp out homophobic bullying in our schools.”

Mr Davies added: “I’m committed to supporting all citizens of Doncaster being treated equally and bullying of this kind is outrageous and won’t be tolerated.

“I have advised the police to take this issue very seriously and I will continue to support measures to deal with homophobic behaviour in schools.”