Mayor seeks to scrap four per cent pay cut

Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies
Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies

MAYOR Peter Davies has today announced changes to his draft 2012/13 budget proposals scrapping the four per cent across the board pay cut recommended by a council committee last week.

Smaller pay cuts are now being recommended for lower paid workers after agreement was reached between the mayor and the Labour chair and vice-chair of the council’s Employee Relations Committee.

The four per cent pay cut across all staff groups was voted through last week to secure up to 250 jobs and protect services, as well as save £6 million towards the council’s overall Government-imposed budget reductions of £30 million in 2012/13.

The revised offer will now be submitted to the trade unions, the council said today.

It is recommended revised changes to the proposals will now include:

•No pay cut to any member of staff earning below £14,733.

•A 1 per cent pay cut across staff groups earning between £14,733 and £14,999.

•A 2 per cent pay cut across staff groups earning £15,000 to £20,799.

•A 2.5 per cent pay cut across staff groups earning above £20,800.

•There will be a guarantee of a 1% pay award in 2013/14 instead of the 2.5 per cent previously put forward.

•A reduction from 50p to 45p for car mileage allowance.

•No one hour reduction to the working week as previously put forward.

The revised changes have been achieved by spreading the required savings over a two year period, instead of one year. The revised proposals equate to £4.8 million and the remaining £1.2 million will be met from the Council’s general reserves.

Mr Davies, said: “Within the previous proposals there was complete lack of support on details concerning protection for the lowest paid members of staff which was unacceptable. I’m pleased to see we now have a set of options in place that will help cushion the blow, as well as protecting jobs and services, and saving all the money that we need to.”

Employee Relations Committee chair Coun Craig Sahman, said: “I have today agreed to a revised offer that I believe is better for all of the council’s workforce. As a committee we remain committed to continuing negotiations with Unions.”