Marathon challenge for Scott

Marathon man Scott Wilson. Picture: Malcolm Billingham S0192MB
Marathon man Scott Wilson. Picture: Malcolm Billingham S0192MB

RUNNER Scott Wilson has set himself a challenge to run 12 marathons in 12 months - and he starts on Sunday!

The chairman of Wombwell Sporting Athletics Club kicks off his effort in Blackpool, then darts to a further 10 destinations in the months up to October. His last run - and the one he dreads the most - will be on a treadmill.

Scott, 38, of Haverhill Avenue, Wombwell, is raising cash for Cancer Research UK. His gran died from cancer, and he had a personal scare last year, that triggered his desire to help sufferers. “Everyone is touched by cancer in some way. I want to help beat the disease,” he said.

As he traverses the country, and journeys to Lochaver in Scotland, and the Isle of Man, Scott will sometimes have just a week between races.

“I wanted a new challenge and this is it. I’ve done over 400 miles in training, but I’m worried how my body will cope when marathons are only a week apart,” said Scott.

But wife Donna will be there with their five year old son to cheer him on, along with members of Wombwell Athletics. Scott is further supported by his employers DHL and Sweatshop Meadowhall, who will supply equipment.

The marathons actually finish in November. To sponsor Scott in his efforts visit