Loving Doncaster couple open up future for fostered teen

Doncaster foster carers Judith and Barry.
Doncaster foster carers Judith and Barry.

Reaping the rewards of being foster carers is Doncaster couple Judith and Barry.

They have been foster carers for Doncaster Children’s Services Trust since October 2014 and in that time have cared for a teenage girl, and have surprised themselves at how rewarding looking after a young person can be.

Judith said: “We’d always imagined that we would foster younger children, but once we were approved as foster carers we were asked to take a 15 year old girl as an emergency placement. We were a bit unsure about taking a teenager at first, but this was why we had become foster carers in the first place – to help local children, so we couldn’t say no.”

Barry added: It’s so rewarding to see the difference that we’re making to her life. We’ve built up a great relationship with her and she trusts us and knows that we’re in her corner and this has given her the confidence to flourish.

“She’s doing really well in school and is currently sitting her GCSEs. She’s already decided she wants to go to university with the aim of eventually joining the police.”

Judith concluded: “We’re so glad that we said yes, and agreed to take a teenager, as she’s become part of our family and we can’t imagine life without her.

“We’ve seen her blossom from a frightened little girl to a young woman with her whole future open before her. It’s so rewarding.”

* Doncaster’s foster carers joined a celebration event to mark the launch of Foster Care Fortnight as the call goes out to find 30 new carers for local children by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust. Recently hailed as ‘heroes’ in a borough-wide survey, more than 40 of Doncaster’s most recently approved foster carers attended the event held at The Mansion House and were thanked for opening up their homes and between them providing over 130 children with somewhere safe to live.

Paul Moffat, Trust chief executive said: “We have a fantastic network of foster carers in Doncaster who do the most amazing job and it’s only right they get recognition for all their hard work and dedication.”

*For more information about becoming a foster carer for Doncaster Children’s Services Trust call free on: 0808 129 2600 or visit: www.fosteringindoncaster.org Alternatively you can drop in to our information event on Monday 15 June at The Doncaster Dome, between 5pm-8pm.