LOOK: Horrified Doncaster pensioner finds family of snakes in his house

One of the snakes found in Mr Jobson's kitchen
One of the snakes found in Mr Jobson's kitchen

An 83-year-old Doncaster man was given the fright of his life after finding a family of snakes in his kitchen.

Keith Jobson had been enjoying the sunshine in his garden on Monday when he walked into the kitchen and saw a snake peering out from behind his washing machine.

Keith Jobson

Keith Jobson

Since the initial discovery at his home in Middlegate, Scawthorpe, Mr Jobson has seen another two snakes - one of which was five feet long.

Mr Jobson has been forced to live in his sitting room for the past three days and block the kitchen door off as RSPCA inspectors and a team from St Leger Homes battle to sort the problem out.

He said: "I couldn't quite believe what I had seen, the snakes were horrible to look at, black and orange and I could see their fangs.

"I think they were after my chicken supreme.

"My neighbour's son Blayne managed to catch one and put it in a pillowcase, an RSPCA inspector came out to pick it up but said he wasn't a reptile expert and didn't know what kind of snake it was.

"Since then I've had the kitchen door shut and a towel covering the gap at the bottom of the door, I've hardly had a wink of sleep."

More to follow.