Little girl from Sheffield gives her piggy bank money to Bluebell Wood


Putting others first comes easily to five year old Olivia, who has donated the contents of her piggy bank to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice for the last two years.

Staff at the North Anston hospice were impressed when Olivia, who lives in nearby Anston, called in with mum Emma to hand over all her savings for a second year.

Emma said: “Livi has known about Bluebell Wood since she was a baby because we live close by and drive past daily. Each year Livi understands a little more and realises there are children cared for there who are much less fortunate than her.

“It has never entered Livi’s head to be selfish or keep things to herself. She’s one brilliant girl. She has no hesitation in gifting her piggy fund.

“Last week was my first visit to Bluebell Wood with Livi and it will stay with me. We were given such a wonderful, warm welcome. The staff there are fantastic.”

Emma Doughty, Head of Family Support and Wellbeing Services, said: “We’re impressed with Olivia for being so thoughtful and generous. Every penny counts at Bluebell Wood. We will use every bit of the money she has given us to help our families make special memories together, both here at the hospice and in their own homes.”

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