Launch of Dementia ‘Toolbox’ for unpaid carers in Doncaster

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Doncaster charity The Avalon Group are holding a public launch of their new free service providing guidance and support for individuals caring for someone with dementia today.

The event, taking place at the Holiday Inn at First Point Business Park, aims to raise awareness of the Carer Support Toolbox, which is offered to any unpaid carers supporting a relative with a dementia diagnosis in Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

Initially the service had only been available to people living in central Doncaster, but such has been the demand for the project that The Avalon Group have agreed to extend the reach to the whole area.

Included in The Carer Support Toolbox is the facilitating of bespoke short breaks, respite and holidays, exploring flexible options which will ensure that the personal and budgetary needs of both the carers and the ones they look after are met in a personalised, safe way.

The other major part of the toolbox will be to provide carers with access to a free ‘Caring Safely’ course and offer links to further external training, as well as leisure activities and help to locate potential employment opportunities.

Project Lead Jill Cockett said “When it comes to family dementia care, the most important thing is that all parties are able to continue to live their lives to the fullest. With the Avalon Carer Support Toolbox, families will find the guidance, support and respite they need to do just that.”

If you are a family carer supporting someone with dementia, you can access the service by contacting Jill at The Avalon Group on 01302 910 191 or emailing to arrange an informal chat.