Kingswood hits the spot

Pupils from Denaby Main Primary School had the honour of being the first school to have an official three-day residential stay at the new Kingswood Dearne Valley Centre, on the site of the former Earth Centre.

And their verdict? “Fantastic!”

Head teacher Shane Jarman, said: “It was absolutely fantastic, we did everything that fulfilled our aims in teamwork, cooperation, resilience and problem solving. We did the zip wire and laser game for the team challenge and carried out our own simulations using a computer program.

“In our downtime we tackled team problem-solving using Meccano and we ended the week with a Karaoke Disco.

“For me the best bit it was the quality of the environment. They have done really good things with the old Earth Centre.

“The kids really enjoyed it - when it came to Friday they didn’t want to return home and they are already plotting to return again.

“Kingswood have reduced the cost for local schools. The stay cost £99 for three days and two nights. Normally it is between £200-300 at different centres.

I am quite excited by the position of being virtually next door to the centre - we are looking forward to doing nature and forest work there on a regular basis. The centre gives the community a breath of life it has been needing for a while .

“I recognise the site is in its infancy and there are a wealth of opportunities - it is really exciting for us.

“The accommodation is Premier Inn quality, all the rooms have en-suite facilities and there is Wifi in all the blocks. It ws good to see they have been named after local collieries, which gives a connection to the history of the area.

The teachers are great - they are really on their game and build up an encouraging relationship with the pupils”.