Kids revealed as grave vandals

Police tape
Police tape

TWO children have owned up to an horrific orgy of destruction in an Elsecar graveyard.

Devastated families contacted police after they visited graves and found 11 headstones pushed over and eight vases smashed. Even porcelain teddy bears had been hurled from children’s graves and smashed in to little pieces. Flowers were strewn everywhere.

A nine-year old boy and his 10-year old sister were found to be the culprits following investigations. Police patrols were stepped up and an officer on duty spotted the boy trying to topple gravestones in the Holy Trinity Church graveyard.

The boy was accompanied home, where he and his sister admitted to being the graveyard vandals.

Both the boy and the girl have apologised for their actions and received restorative justice.

PC Craig Sumpter said: “This is a terrible set of circumstances where two children have attacked gravestones and damaged personal items of grieving families. It is hoped that the experience and restorative justice will teach them that this behaviour is not acceptable. By quick actions and increased patrols, we were able to catch the children in the act. What all children need to consider is that foolish, unnecessary actions can have a detrimental effect on others.”