Kerry Pye’s health and fitness column: Enjoying exercise is a game-changer!

Kerry Pye, pictured with Fit Camp members from Team Van Steen.
Kerry Pye, pictured with Fit Camp members from Team Van Steen.

Do you love to work out but hate the gym?

Do you wish you had the energy to exercise in the evenings?

Do you want to get fit but do not know where to start?

Removing barriers to exercise is the first step!

You may have heard the phrase ‘80% nutrition, 20% exercise’.

Achieving this balance is when you really start to see results.

Going back to our ‘body is a car’ analogy for just a moment, it’s no good filling our car with the best fuel and keeping it in the garage. It needs a good run out to burn the fuel we put in, which for some people may be a daunting


This week sees the start of registration for the third Doncaster Free Fit Camp, which is a fun community environment where everyone has the opportunity to experience how good it feels to get active.

When you remove cost, confidence, lack of knowledge and self-motivation as barriers to exercise, you are able to create a really special environment where people come maybe a little apprehensive at first but leave having started their journey to a healthy active lifestyle.

Alongside two fitness classes a week everyone who attends Doncaster Free Fit Camp receives a wellness profile and body composition mapping, ensuring that people are being educated to create new healthy habits and promote lifestyle change. Remember ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’.

The third fit camp will commence with over 140 people already enjoying the sessions, taking advantage of the weather and being able to work out outside. Seeing 52 people on Tuesday evening working out on Town Fields in the centre of Doncaster is very inspirational and a testament to the Free Fit Camp concept.

Doncaster Free Fit Camp has also been supporting Team Van Steen in their Doncaster Business Cup preparations and the guys involved are seeing great results from their extra training and nutrition support, hopefully giving them the edge on match day!

For more information about how to register for Doncaster Free Fit Camp, to ask individual questions or book a Free Wellness Profile, please email