Kennel cough means animal day is postponed.

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AN infection within a pet centre has forced a reunion event to be cancelled.

‘Kennel cough’ is believed to have affected four dogs and spread within the kennel blocks at the RSPCA facility in Great North Road, Bawtry.

The centre was due to hold a pet union day today inviting owners to bring along their adopted animals, however staff have been forced to postpone the event and close the kennel blocks.

The animals are all fine and being treated by vets, a spokesman for the RSPCA confirmed.

She said: “There is no danger to people, the reason for closing the area was because there was a concern that visitors could take the infection home with them.”

The cattery and small animals blocks remain open.

It is not yet known when the reunion event will be rescheduled, however there is a dog show and open day at the centre on September 23.